Zebra Music Licensing Agreement

Zebra Music LLC Licensing Agreement

quality buyout production tracksWhen you purchase a track from this site, the music is licensed and not sold to you. I grant you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, single-site lifetime license to use the music in synchronization within any of your own audio or video productions, (including, but not limited to, corporate videos, TV and radio broadcasts, computer multi-media presentations, animations and trade shows). Use in major theatrical releases or in mass-market retail distribution (5,000+ units) is licensed separately through Zebra Music LLC.

Credits should be given to Steve Veloudos, Zebra Music LLC when any other credits appear in your productions (Music by Steve Veloudos, Zebra Music LLC).

Network broadcast and international broadcast of this music is cleared through BMI, whose revenues are collected directly from broadcast station licensing, NOT from you as a producer. If your production is to be broadcasted, you are required to file a cue sheet. Please indicate the song title along with “All music composed by Steve G Veloudos (BMI) and published by Velos Blue Music Publishing (BMI)” on your cue sheet for the broadcast company so accurate cue sheets can be filed with BMI.