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Buyout Production MusicWelcome to zebramusic.com! My name is Steve Veloudos and I have been writing, performing and recording music for over 40 years. My buyout production music are pre-recorded tracks made available to producers for synchronization in broadcast and non-broadcast applications including film, television, commercials, video games and websites. I believe in producing high quality production music tracks that are useful to many different applications. I am also available for custom music tracks. If you don't find what you are looking for on the site, shoot me a message and we will talk about your needs.

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instant download production musicAll of the music in the Zebra Music production music library tracks are available to instantly purchase and download so you can start using the music in your productions right now.

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High quality stock musicAll of my music is created with only the finest digital recording gear which makes the music sounds fantastic. You shouldn't need to compromise your project with bad sounding cheesy canned music. Let my many years of experience as a musician and music producer make your projects come to life with awesome music tracks!

Track Name Style Feeling Length Tempo Description Demo Buy Now
Hair Band Girl Rock Action 2:30 Energetic An 80's hard rock track with feelings of fun good times and energy. A good track for sports and action based videos. Similar to the popular 80's rock bands such as Poison, Warrant, and White Snake. $45
Powerpoint Power Corporate Confident 2:02 Moderate Inspirational and upbeat positive corporate rock track with guitars backing, string melody, percussion, bass and drums. Music that evokes feelings of success, reaching goals and accomplishment. Perfect for corporate use, commercials, advertising, business projects, marketing, TV, YouTube, social media promotion, presentations, inspirational videos, websites, slideshows, motivational videos and more. The strings in this track make it feel a bit classical with a nice rock vibe mixture. $45
Big Vibration Rock Action 2:48 Upbeat Uplifting And Upbeat Rock tune, uplifting and energetic rock track, featuring catchy electric guitars, deep bass and drums. Perfect background music for commercials, advertising, sports videos, marketing campaigns, TV, YouTube, slideshows, party videos, sports videos, action videos and more. $45
Corporate Profit Corporate Confident 3:04 Moderate Inspirational and upbeat positive track with guitars backing and melodies, percussion, bass and drums. Music that evokes feelings of success, reaching goals and accomplishment. Perfect for corporate use, commercials, advertising, business projects, marketing, TV, YouTube, social media promotion, presentations, inspirational videos, websites, slideshows, motivational videos and more. $45
Track Name Style Feeling Length Tempo Description Demo Buy Now
Blue Water Rock/Blues Calm 1:50 Slow A calm and serene track that gives a peaceful, untroubled tranquil feeling. Featuring electric keys, guitar and bass instruments. $45
Still Alive Minimal Presence 2:04 Moderate A minimal style of track which envokes feelings of survival, thought, and self relection. Perfect for a scene after some type of ordeal occured. This track contains a human heartbeat which puts further emphasis on surviving. $45
Bobby Sue Country Playful :60 Moderate A happy & fun country track featuring acoustic and electric guitars, drum and bass instruments. $25
Get It Techno Movement :60 Moderate Big sounding drums with a cracking snare drives this drum and bass track. $25
Got the Message Techno Cool :30 Moderate Cool drum, keyboard and electric guitar instruments moves this tune along on a slick groove. $25
Highway Run Rock Energetic :60 Fast A rockin tune with neat electric guitar, distorted wa wa riffs and solid acoustic drums. $25
Living Live Rock Energetic :30 Moderate A straight forward rocker with cool clean guitar riffs. $25
Priceless Rock Movement :60 Moderate An odd sounding rock tune with syncopated drums and guitars. $25
Say What Dance Cool :60 Moderate Neat keyboard, bass and drum machine sounds forge this cool dance track. $25
Spotlight Techno Energetic :60 Fast A moving techno tune with a driving bass and drum groove and neat keyboard sound effects. $25
Cant Catch Me Techno Chase 3:29 Moderate Heavy drum bass keyboard elements makes this a perfect track for classical chase scene. $45
Cops Techno Energetic 3:05 Fast Drum machine, scratching, and keyboard elements propel this song into a high energy feel. $45
Faster Faster Techno Energetic 4:05 Fast This tune makes use of heavy analog bass keyboard sounds and drum elements. $45
Goal to Goal Hard Rock Aggressive 3:33 Fast This song uses distorted electric guitars, bass and analog drums. Cool lead guitar breaks. $45
Perpertrator Techno Aggressive 3:23 Fast Big keyboard bass sounds, hooky piano and guitar licks drive this non-stop action track. $45
Redline Techno Energetic 3:02 Moderate A solid techno track with a sequenced bass and keyboard elements. Excellent drum grooves. $45
Rip It Up Hard Rock Aggressive 1:25 Fast This tune uses distorted electric guitars, analog drums, bass, and organ instruments to create a smooth but aggressive style. $30
Rock It Hard Rock Movement 3:50 Moderate A solid hard rockin tune with distorted guitars, bass, and analog drums. $45
Running Wild Techno Chase 3:37 Fast An aggressive techno track with cool horn stabs, panned effects, solid percussion, bass, and piano licks. $45
Slap Shot Hard Rock Aggressive 1:01 Fast Electric guitars and big sounding double bass drums groove this hard rock tune. $30
Wide Open Hard Rock Aggressive :56 Fast An insane slamming hard rock tune. Huge electric guitars, drums and electric bass puts this tune in your face and takes no prisoners. $30
Mountain Man Other Weird :30 Moderate An odd sounding track with drum machine and keyboard elements, bell tones, and electric sound effects. $30
Jump Techno Confidence 3:48 Moderate This track features techno beats with a pulsating bass instrument and grooved panned high hats. $45
Game Plan Techno Movement 3:15 Moderate Electronica tune with a cracking snare drum, piano, electric keys, and intresting sounds. $45
Production Line Techno Confidence 4:08 Moderate Cool bass and drum groove, elements of breathy keyboard sounds, handclaps, and modern electronics. $45
Signing the Contract Techno Movement 3:24 Moderate Moving cutting edge rhythm, features electric sounds, whistles, and gated snare drum. Cool mid break using toms, cowbells and filtered airy sounds. $45
Profit Techno Motivational 3:40 Moderate Techno groove with insistent bass and shaker sounds. Catchy keyboard lick. $45
Color of Money Techno Confidence 3:36 Moderate Smooth bass and rhythm section as well as mellow keyboard sounds. Question and answer with clav keys, smooth sounds and electric guitar. $45
Teamwork Techno Movement 4:32 Moderate Grooving track with interesting use of cowbell sounds, piano, electronic as well as electric guitar and vinyl scratchin. $45
Emarketing Techno Confidence 3:32 Moderate Infectious keyboard melody with handclaps and a techno edge. Uses drum toms, piano elements and electric key arpeggios. $45
Number One Techno Discovery 3:11 Moderate Fat analog bass moves this track. Call and answer with various electronic keyboard riffs. $45
Walking Shoes Techno Movement 3:36 Moderate Groovin track with an alternating electric guitar and piano. Includes a bluesy rhythm guitar. $45
Smooth Sale Techno Cool 3:48 Moderate Infectious groove using electric piano, clav, and shakers. $45
Real Cool Techno Confidence 3:41 Moderate Moving piece with filtered bass and electric keyboard sounds. Groove rhythm guitar with a call and return with a funky electric guitar. $45
Playin to Win Techno Movement 3:14 Moderate Straightforward techno track. Solid fat sounding bass combined with electric arpeggio piano sounds. $45
Thumpin Techno Energetic 3:44 Moderate Solid insistent bass and drums with cool orchestration hits. $45
Aliens Other Weird 2:15 Slow Weird, edgy, and strange keyboard elements. Sounds like something from out of this world. $35
Evil Plans Other Evil 1:33 Slow A creepy evil sounding tune. Use of spine chilling synth sounds and a digitally delayed electric guitar. Feelings of fear and dark emotions. $35
Eye to Eye Rhythm and Blues Cool 2:19 Moderate Laid back big groovin track. Featuring smooth bass, cool clean digitally delayed electric guitars, and processed drum breaks. Neat male and female vocal breaks. Slick and smooth. $35
Feel the Funk Rock Motivational 2:01 Fast This track features solid drums, a funky bass line, synth effects and a cool rocking guitar. It evokes feelings of motivation and determination. $35
Get on Up Rock Fun 1:00 Fast Fun and party song. Features a fun bass line and clean electric guitars and horn stabs. There is an interesting female vocal break in the middle of this tune. Feelings of fun and good times among friends. $25
Home Sweet Home Country Happy 2:16 Moderate This is an upbeat country track. It features banjo, acoustic and electric guitars. A happy down home bluegrass feeling, southern living and apple pie. $35
Loved One Classical Romantic 1:16 Moderate A light classical sounding track with piano and string sounds. Invokes feelings of love and happiness. $25
Setting it Up Techno Movement 3:20 Moderate This tune features a driving synth bass and keyboard elements. Also features an electric organ sound and interesting percussion elements. Continuous movement and a solid groove. $45
Thurs Night Party Rock Freedom 2:51 Moderate A rockin song featuring a funky bass line, distorted electric guitars, groovin drums and tambourine rhythm elements. Feelings of rebellion and freedom. $45
Touch the Sky Rock Energetic 2:03 Fast This is an upbeat fast paced rockin tune featuring electric guitars. There is a cool break in the middle of this tune which features a female vocal. Great for productions that communicate excitement and action. $35
Walkin the Dog Techno Contentment 3:40 Moderate A laid back song with cool keyboard elements, smooth drums, and interesting pulsating bass and synth breaks. Happy, mellow and overall good feelings. $45
Workit Techno Movement 3:28 Up-Tempo An upbeat techno track using solid drums and moving synth sounds. Determination and sense of accomplishment. $45
Battle Hymn of the Republic Traditional Patriotic 2:07 Moderate This 1860's popular public domain song became the rally cry and marching song for the union army in the Civil War. Feelings of victory and glory using piano and flute elements. $35
Bluesin Blues Happy 3:22 Moderate This blues cut uses a hot electric slide guitar, shaker, and tambourine percussion elements. Feeling of excitement and good times. $45
Bonnie Blue Flag Traditional Patriotic 1:36 Moderate An 1860's public domain song representing the blue flag bearing a single white star which was raised with the ordnance of secession by the southern confederates. Violin, flute, and acoustic guitar instruments project a feeling of pride and patriotism. $35
Century Turn Ragtime Hopeful 2:57 Moderate An early 1900's ragtime solo piano song which invokes sincere feelings for a positive future. $45
Cruzin Rock Freedom 1:51 Moderate A rockin 1950's – 1960's tune. A clean electric guitar takes the melody on this track along with drums, bass, keys, and horn elements. Invokes feelings of freedom, classic cars, and good clean fun. $35
Dancing Disco Fun 2:00 Up-Tempo This upbeat track uses keyboards, bass, and drum instruments in a 1970's disco groove. Feelings of positive influence and good friends. $35
Do It Techno Fun 4:02 Up-Tempo This upbeat techno track uses drums, bass, keyboard, and cool percussion elements. Feelings of fun and positive energy. $45
Holidays Rock Fun 3:20 Moderate Electric organ, guitar, drum and bass instruments combine to form a bright and fresh upbeat cut. Feelings of enthusiasm and family fun. $45
Jazzin Jazz Cool 2:30 Moderate This cool jazz track grooves along with piano, drums, and stand up bass instruments. Sophisticated, elegant and cool. $35
Life of Love Other Sensitive 3:54 Slow Strings, keyboards, and percussion elements project this emotional and tender track. Feelings of love and warm touching moments. $45
Lovin It Rock Contentment 2:21 Moderate This light rock tune uses acoustic guitars, organ, bass, and drum instruments. Feelings of contentment and cheerful enthusiasm. $35
My Love Classical Romantic 2:55 Moderate A beautiful solo piano cut. Projects emotions of joy, delight, and positive influence. $45
Remember Me Rock Happy 2:47 Slow This track uses a blend of 12 string acoustic guitars, and strings. A beautiful track invoking feelings of love, happiness, and sweet memories. $45
Seattle Rain Rock Angry 3:20 Moderate Distorted electric guitars, thumpin bass guitar, and pounding drums fill this grunge early 1990's influenced rock cut. $45
Sisters Rock Innocent 3:46 Moderate Old school 1980's rock groove using electric drums, keyboards, and analog bass elements. Sense of fun, playfulness and innocence. $45
U and Me Rock Sensitive 2:39 Slow A tender and sweet cut using strings and acoustic guitars. Warm expressive and sensitive feelings. $45
Yesterdays Memories Classical Romantic 2:26 Slow A solo piano track. This beautiful and relaxed track invokes feelings of love, warmth and positive emotions. $45
Mustang Mama Rock Happy 1:18 Moderate A simple rock track which creates feelings of freedom and happiness. $25

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